High level IT Support and Services

Discrete over secure channels such as OpenPGP, CodeCrypt or others

About Encrypted-Support

Encrypted-Support is a high level IT support and service provider. We offer a wide range of security, anonymity and Linux related services.

Our portfolio contains two very significant accomplishments: Whonix and Kicksecure. These are operating systems, designed for privacy and security on the Internet.

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Fast and Secure Replies

Several communication channels are available for client convenience: email, chat, and in some cases if previously mutually agreed, remote desktop-based help via vnc / ssh.

Answers or solutions can usually be provided within one or two business days.


The standard price for support is 200 EUR per hour.

As a measure of good will, clients will receive partial charge backs if issues cannot be resolved, and hours billed will be leniently counted. Lower prices are negotiable if the request is of benefit the broader Free, Libre, Open Source, Freedom Software community. Discounts are also provided for existing and long-term clients.

Special Client Proposals

Alternatively, clients may negotiate a proposal by sending the details and asking price (with reasonable budget expectations).

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